Business Building: Paired to Perfection

Not all companies are founded by one person. Rossmann Architecture Inc. (RAI) was founded by two individuals, and while they happened to be married to each other, they found a perfect balance to manage their business as a couple.

Erik Rossmann’s partner and wife, Sara, has been there from the creation and helped through many decision processes as their company became more than just a dream.

Erik and Sara Rossmann. President and Vice President of Rossmann Architecture Inc.

As Erik had the mind of an entrepreneur, they established a schedule that allowed him to work at the office full time and Sara to stay home with the family. The size of their company also allowed Sara to continue to cover the financial and administrative side of the business from home. Having a “quiet but present” role in the company had positives when they were a smaller size, but it quickly became clear that they would need to change their approach as the company grew. While not an architect herself, Sara has been the head of all administrative, financial, and cultural processes at RAI since its inception. When the company was founded, Erik and Sara came to the agreement that both their young family and young company would require their full attention. They decided that, while their children were small, family would be an important value that they would not surrender, even for a new business.

As the business expanded, it made more sense for Sara to develop a more prominent role. To continue maintaining their work/life balance, Sara and Erik created a flexible schedule for themselves and their employees. This has allowed them to be home when the family needs it and at the office when their work requires it.

A partnership with such balance, whether within a couple or business partners, is incredibly unique and difficult to find. Erik always had a vision for RAI, but the company would not be what it is today if he had been on his own and having someone to help focus on the steps to get there completes the perfect partnership.

Being in a partnership where they work in very different ways, the duo quickly realized that they complement each other’s business styles. While Erik is a strong entrepreneur, moving at a fast pace and thinking of the future, Sara has a more present personality and keeps things at a more natural pace. This works well for the pair, as the company continues growing and more employees are hired, and it creates a sense of balance for their family.