Is Your Commercial Architect a Technology Visionary?

When selecting a commercial architect Ottawa to design a multi-unit, multi-story project, as a client, you should choose a visionary firm that integrates current technologies while providing for future ones.


A project designed with this approach to technology integration and expansion will attract and retain the very best businesses, occupants, and stakeholders.  This will maximize the project’s Return on Investment (ROI).


Clients who choose Rossmann Architecture find a firm that naturally integrates a spectrum of technologies into project design; we are a firm that has embraced optimized ROI validation as one of our core principles since our founding in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.


Technology Needs Vary According to Project

The scope of technologies appropriate to include in a project’s design will naturally vary from project to project. The kinds of technologies needed in a high-rise apartment complex will differ from those required in a multi-unit business park or in a professional or medical building.


The breadth of a project’s technology needs and requirements is why careful planning between architect and client is crucial.


In selecting an architectural firm for your commercial project design, make sure you find one where you experience communication with the firm’s team as comfortable, creative, and comprehensive. Be prepared to discuss what technologies you believe your project spaces will need, and be open to suggestions from the architects.


Needs-assessment targets, budgets, and limitations must be well defined from the beginning of the project. If these are articulated and established, cost overruns will be fewer, and there will be a higher likelihood of the project being completed successfully and on time.


Some projects, such as business offices, professional buildings, and healthcare complexes, will require complex industry-standardized technology infrastructures.


Other projects will be more flexible, such as retirement communities and open campus spaces, whose technology needs may be driven by communication-based priorities.


Technologies Add Value to Projects

Modern technologies available today, along with those in development, bring exciting challenges and opportunities for advanced architectural design and innovation. Be sure the commercial architect you select for your multi-unit project has a good grasp of this design fundamental.

Rossman architects in Ottawa, from the Junior Architectural Technologist to the Principal, all understand that project designs must integrate forward-thinking technology. We understand the opportunities that technologies offer. Rossman clients expect us to be ahead of the game in this department. They expect us to provide the progressive infrastructures that build technology platforms to connect and inspire a spectrum of end-users.

Our clients’ end-users vary from project to project, naturally. End-users may be vulnerable seniors in retirement towers, multi-generational families in condo communities, burgeoning young professionals in high-rise virtual offices, healthcare professionals in medical buildings, academics in regional multi-story campuses, and so on.

The seemingly endless possibilities for creating newly imagined community and professional spaces can be realized now that technologies have advanced enough to support these environments.

Expand Your Projects’ Appeal Through Technology Integration

Need some inspiration for what can be achieved through technology in your project?


Here are a few examples of value-adding technologies for multi-story commercial health and well-being facilities. Dependent on superior connectivity, access to remote resources, and on-site devices, software and hardware, they call on the Ottawa commercial architect to integrate all components of interactive performance applications into the project’s design.


  • Technologies that support on-site and remote rehabilitation programs
  • Technologies that bring together global participants in streamed mind-body events
  • Technologies that integrate medicine protocols with rejuvenation treatments
  • Technologies that facilitate transportation for the disabled and support their access to information, education, and care


Is your commercial design project a business high-rise with a day-care suite, dry-cleaner, fitness center, and cafe? Make sure your architect plans for the technologies necessary for supporting these auxiliary services.


Is your multi-story project an entertainment venue? Will it offer virtual reality experiences? Drive-in capabilities? Gambling, gaming, role-playing, concert-going? Your commercial architect must have the capacity to take on myriad technology requirements and plan them into a design that produces an impactful and fiscally successful venue.


Perhaps your commercial project is a multi-floor residential complex—a grouping of condos that you envision as a progressive community with advanced connectivity and conveniences. You want a design that includes technologies to support, say, an autonomous shuttle, an air-taxi hub, or innovative streaming-based entertainment.


Regardless of the project category—dwelling, professional, entertainment, healthcare—it is the on-campus technologies that add value and allure. They are critical offerings that attract and retain occupants, users, and stakeholders.


Best Commercial Architect Ottawa

Whatever the nature of your project, you as the client depend on the skills and experience of a commercial architect to integrate all appropriate technologies and bring your vision to life.

The architects in Rossmann commercial architectural firm are such professionals. Our team of experts possesses a comprehensive body of experience and knowledge. Our commercial design portfolio spans multiple fields and disciplines, each one with its unique set of technology challenges, requirements, and innovations.

Rossmann Architecture is the leading architectural firm in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, integrating current technologies into our clients’ commercial project designs while holding space for new and developing technologies.

Call us for a consultation and let’s discuss your project’s design and the technology platforms that can position it for success and a great ROI.