Why Hire a Designer from an Architecture Firm

Amidst the growth at Rossmann Architecture Inc. (RAI), a new division in Interior Design has emerged! After upgrading the company structure (more details found here), we made the decision to bring a young and ambitious Designer into the firm to foster a new team. We needed someone with enough experience to own this new branch of the firm and be in tune with the current trends in the industry.

We were fortunate to connect with a Designer who was established in the industry and looking for the chance to grow.

Who is Jeremy Cheff?

Jeremy Cheff graduated from La Cité with Honours in 2013 and quickly became involved in the industry. Before graduating he joined the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) and has since stated, “Being involved so early on is what got me to where I am today.”

Having heavy involvement within the industry early on allowed Jeremy to become ARIDO’s events coordinator and be appointed as the president elect for the 2022-2023 term.

Jeremy’s goal is to create an inviting, positive, and open-minded environment that will allow for healthy learning. He is hoping to change the experience for newly graduated Designers and students joining the field to become warmer and more welcoming, allowing for constructive criticism and accountability at all levels.

This Designer has also made some great headway with new government designs based on the new GCWP Standards. Jeremy is looking forward to updating the mold in government interiors and seeing spaces reflect the interiors that are trending in more private spaces and offices. The government buildings in the National Capital Region have started to include a fun new aesthetic, making work more interesting for those who use the spaces.

Impact on the Firm

Despite being hired during a provincial lockdown, Jeremy was able to start putting this team together quickly to get the Design branch of the firm developed. Since joining RAI, he has begun cultivating a team of his own, growing the library of sample products and building connections with suppliers.

As the head of the Design team, Jeremy has used his own history to aid in his capabilities as a leader. Having previously struggled with anxiety and depression and as an advocate for mental health awareness, he uses his experiences to assist his team should they be struggling with the same. Jeremy has ensured that everybody he works with knows his door is open and he shares his experiences regularly as examples of learning effective self-care practices. Jeremy has made it clear that mental health is top of mind for him saying, “Above all else, our mental health should be our utmost priority.”

Working with Architects

Jeremy has been able to build a strong rapport with our current clients by providing a comprehensive service. With his addition to the company, we’ve taken another step closer to becoming a one-stop shop for clients.

A wide range of projects require both an Architect and a Designer and having both in the same location allows for collaboration of work. It creates a sense of ease for both the client and the teams working on the project, ensuring all projects receive the right amount of attention from the right people.  Adjustments for designs can be made quickly having multiple disciplines working on the same team allowing clients to discuss all stages of the project. This elevated level of collaboration ensures that clients receive a project that is well-rounded and ready to move into.

We have already seen some great work with the addition of our new Interior Design division and are eager to see how this team grows over time!