Younes Al Hyar: The Evolution of an Architect

In January of 2022, we had the privilege of welcoming Younes Al Hyar to the team as a Project Lead on one of our architecture pods. Younes has brought with him a solid base of architectural experience as well as a high level of commitment and excitement to continue learning. As a new Rossmannaut, he hit the ground running and absorbed the culture of a new workplace while continuing to study for his architectural exams. In only a few months Younes has become an intellectual presence in the firm and has now passed his exams.

The road to becoming an architect has been interesting for Younes as he came from a family of doctors and was originally encouraged to pursue a medical education. However, while travelling through France as a teenager, he discovered a passion for architecture and knew this was the career path he wanted to take despite the family tradition of going into medicine. Younes studied in Morocco, where he earned a master’s degree in architecture and began working for a few small firms upon graduation. These firms allowed him to take on many different roles and responsibilities, urging him to learn things quickly.

Needing a change from the projects he was working on in Morocco, Younes was prompted to move to Canada. In 2019 he made the move participating in a bridging program designed to help architect immigrants integrate into the Canadian culture and workplace. This program allowed him to meet and be supported by like-minded professionals who were going through the same procedures.

Landing in Toronto, he was quickly hired at an architecture firm and went through additional certifications to obtain a Project Management Professional certification and become a LEED Green Associate.

Fascinated by the idea of experiencing the history of a building, Younes developed a passion for heritage and restoration projects. He believes there is an importance to maintaining our history and the basis of our cultures and aims to add his value through his work with heritage.

Younes is currently working diligently towards obtaining his official architect license and even enrolled in a practice course to prepare and study for the architectural examinations. After nine months of hard work, he recently completed his exams and is one step closer to his goal. With a few hours of on-site visits left, Younes will soon qualify for his stamp and will become Rossmann Architecture’s newest architect.

Moving forward, Younes would like to have an even higher certification of sustainable design and will continue working with LEED to obtain this credential. In his short time at as a Rossmannaut, he has already shown that he has the knowledge and the drive to be an excellent architect in both Morocco and Canada. A great addition to the Rossmann Architecture team, we look forward to working with Younes and supporting him as he becomes even more successful in his career.

Certain to have a bright future ahead of him, be sure to keep up with Younes’ many accomplishments as he continues on his path as an architect.