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Rossmann Architecture specializes in high-density multi-residential buildings and multi-storey office towers, as well as rehabilitation and restoration projects in the Ottawa and Gatineau area. Each of our projects, public or private, helps to further our reputation for optimizing return on investment. Our current projects include the design of some of Canada’s largest retirement centers, as well as national award-winning workspaces.


We are convinced that an architect is first and foremost an investment professional and that belief drives all our interventions. Our team can perform various tasks, from feasibility studies, to building surveys, to construction management and interior design.

Our architectural services can be divided into three broad categories: high-density buildings, existing building restoration, and commercial and industrial buildings. Each of these types of projects may in turn require several different interventions, depending on its own constraints.

High-Density Buildings

The growing population of the Ottawa-Gatineau area is creating a need for denser living spaces. Rossmann Architecture is a leader when it comes to finding sustainable, high quality solutions that fit your budget. Whether you’re building condominiums, rental buildings or retirement homes, we’ll guide you through the process, ensuring the best return on your investment.

Building Restoration

Restoration and renovation projects pose a major challenge because of the unknown elements they bring forward. An architect is the most qualified professional to handle this unknown and to lead your rehabilitation project to a positive outcome. Whether being a heritage building or an addition to an existing building, an architectural project can greatly increase the value of your property.

Commercial & Industrial Buildings

A commercial or industrial building is a company’s business card. It is the first impression that a potential customer has and thus, must be representative of your company. By entrusting a commercial project to an architect, you make sure you are well represented and are making a smart investment for the company.

Project Management

The management of an architectural project by an expert allows control over the whole project, from its beginning to its end. By entrusting the management of an architectural project to specialists, you gain rigorous planning of the budget and schedule. An expert in construction project management will remain focused on the big picture throughout the process and will save you many worries.


Visual Services

Visualization and BIM (Building Information Modeling) are the future of architecture. 3D visualization and design allow the development of the project to be appreciated in real time. The realization of an architectural project can be very long, but the visualization allows for the team to share its work and for the client to share his vision.